Our company achieved the benchmarking enterprises awards on Alibaba

publisher: Emily
Time: 2016-11-30
Summary: the benchmarking enterprises awards,Alibaba thanks giving day

Our company achieved the benchmarking

 enterprises awards on Alibaba

           In November 29,2016, our company participated in the thanks giving bee hold by Alibaba, achieved the benchmarking enterprises awards.


     First of the meeting, Kuangfeng, AKA Peak, the manager of the foreign trade department in Kuangs Textile CO.,Ltd, had a speech as a guest lecturer, shared his own experiences in foreign trade.Then, the regional manager of Alibaba talked about the coming of big data, provided a basic direction for the further development. The last one of the meeting is the prize giving ceremony.


       What we harvest in the thanks giving bee is not just an award, but also obtained the affirmation of Alibaba and the government, meanwhile, we learned a big goal of the development in the future. We firmly believe that, with the hardworking of the staff and strategy, our company will thrive in the intense environment, and become more and more successful.

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